ASP 5 Cheat Sheet

ASP 5 Cheat Sheet


  • Replaces web.config
  • Define webroot directory
  • Register dependencies

    Nuget packages

  • Register commands
  • Define which frameworks are valid (.Net full, .Net Core)
  • Exclude files & directories from project


  • Web accessible files ~ think content dir in older mvc
    • Images, scripts, stylesheets, etc.
  • Easier to isolate the files you want to serve


  • Replaces web.config for appsettings & connection strings
  • Default option, you can also use xml, ini, or env vars
  • Expected path: config.json for local dev, env vars for servers


  • Manages client side dependencies
  • Like Nuget for javascript libs


  • Define build and publish tasks
    • Copy files, minify css & javascript, etc.
  • Task Runner Explorer


  • Entry point for app
  • Add “Middleware” to pipeline
  • Dependency Injection
  • Configure Routes

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