Fun Friday: Links And Fun for 6/13/2014

Fun Cats

Unlike modern cats, in 1898 kittens studied hard and learned proper grammar.

Image from Library Of Congress

This is the first post I’ve written mostly on my DIY Productivity Tablet.

I call it my “poor man’s Surface.”

What I like about the Surface is that it can run a real, productive operating system on a tablet.

What I hate about the Surface is that it costs more than a high end notebook. That means I’d never carry it around as a tablet.

My little Kindle and Raspberry Pi combo could be completely replaced for about $250.

As much as I’d hate to lose it, I could replace it without too much heartache.

It helps that I like Linux and the text editor Vim.

With the Ultisnips plugin for Vim I can write my DocPad Markdown files pretty
darned efficiently.

Don’t mistake that comment as an encouragement to learn Vim yourself. I’d never
recommend Vim to another person. It has taken me years to feel
even minimally competent in Vim. That only makes sense if you spend most of
your time at a keyboard and you are a dedicated touch typist who finds
reaching for a mouse to be a supreme annoyance.

Enough, Jeff! Get to this week’s Links!

Warp Six, Mr. Sulu!

NASA Physicist Dreams Big

Starship Image

Wicked cool warp drive starship.

courtesy of Mark Rademaker/Flickr

If you are going to make plans for something you have neither the tech nor cash to build

A NASA physicist published conceptual plans for an honest to Sulu starship.

Since theortical physics theoretically allows theoretical warp bubbles,
why not start planning a ship?

I would really, really like to see a starship in my lifetime, but just
imagining a powersource powerful enough to warp actual space hurts my head.

If we don’t dream it before it is possible, we will never achieve it. Here’s
to dreaming big!

C# 6.0 Preview

Graphic: A preview of new features in C# 6.0

OK, this one is cool for two reasons. First it highlights some super cool syntatic sugar in C# 6.0, and second it
is done in a really slick graphic.

Fiona Taylor Gorring posted it on her blog. You should check her blog out because it looks awesome. Who
says you can’t share solid technical info with style?


I am going to drive the batmobile.

Oh, yes, I am.

Really looking forward to this game.

Grunt For Beginners

Grunt for people who think Things Like Grunt are Weird or Hard

Really good intro to using Grunt to automate web development tasks. I need to learn Grunt and this looks like
a good place to start.